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The Province of Camarines Sur announces the First Grassroots Triathlon Competition in Philippine History: BOY KAYOD on May 21, 2017! This is in honor of the strong men of Camarines Sur from the hardworking farmers, to passionate fishermen up to their amazing road drivers! The event will take on the challenges Sagwan- 2km; Padyak –5 km; and Takbo – 1.5 km!

“Triathlons are usually participated only by affluent sports enthusiasts. This time, we are opening the road to the strong men of Camarines Sur whom I have much respect for: the reliable farmers, hardworking fishermen, modest padyak drivers, and resourceful carpenters,” said Governor Migz.

Over 260 farmers, fishermen, padyak drivers, and carpenters participated in the event. Each group leaped the 2KM sagwan challenge, 5KM padyak route, and 1.5KM takbo race while carrying 25 kilos of rice. Governor Migz also participated in the triathlon, joining over 80 teams from 24 municipalities across the province. The winning team received PhP100,000.00 and three side cars, 2nd placer received PhP50,000.00, 3rd placer received PhP20,000.00, and all participants received a consolation price of PhP1,500.00 and 1½ sack of rice each.