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CGI Achievers Summit 2022

CGI Achievers Summit 2022

Building Creative Connections: Post Ad Ventures Inc.'s Triumph at CGI Achievers Summit 2022

In May 2022, Post Ad Ventures Inc. executed a remarkable event for CGI Achievers Inc., the CGI Achievers Summit 2022. This one-of-a-kind gathering aims to foster creative thinking, team building, and bonding among 100 employees of CGI Achievers Inc. The event, which focused on the theme of creative thinking, was hosted at the Enderun Colleges in BGC, and it was a day full of entertaining activities and shared experiences.

Beginning with the client's vision and needs, as stated by Gauri Sharma, a representative of CGI Achievers Inc., Post Ad Ventures Inc. The team worked hard to develop a thorough strategy plan that aligns with the concept of "Creative Thinking." This strategy plan provided the framework for a smooth and successful event to remove barriers between staff and employees and encourage connections among all participants.

CGI Achievers Summit 2022

CGI Achievers Summit 2022 encountered difficulties, like with every event. Post Ad Ventures Inc. showed its professionalism by taking on these challenges head-on. One major obstacle was the unexpected rain during the event, forcing them to move rapidly from the outdoor setup to an indoor setting. They efficiently transferred the entire outdoor setup to a designated lobby inside, thanks to their foresight in developing backup plans, ensuring there was little disturbance to the flow of events.

The venue, though charming, presented a space constraint. This did not stop Post Ad Ventures Inc. from providing a flawless experience. They optimized every available space by thoroughly designing a precise floor plan for the event. Despite the limited space, all activities were properly carried out, showcasing collaboration and a relaxed environment as requested by the client. Attendees loved sitting on the floor and participating in various activities, which fostered a sense of community.

CGI Achievers Summit 2022

The event exceeded everyone's expectations, leaving them full hearts and unforgettable memories. The event was successful regarding team development, fellowship, and creative thinking. Participants enthusiastically made fresh connections and relationships, which improved the company's internal dynamics.

CGI Achievers Summit 2022 was a spectacular success, prompting CGI Achievers Inc. to propose an annual repetition of the event. Post Ad Ventures Inc. received acclaim for its excellent execution and strategic planning. They have been entrusted with improving future editions with new settings and improvements.

CGI Achievers Summit 2022

Post Ad Ventures Inc.'s expertise and commitment to excellence made CGI Achievers Summit 2022 a success. They exhibited their capacity to overcome hurdles and offer a remarkable experience from the plan of action to the smooth implementation. The event had a lasting influence on CGI Achievers Inc. by encouraging innovative thinking and developing a sense of solidarity among all attendees. Post Ad Ventures Inc. has built a position as a fantastic event management partner as they look forward to future editions.

By Cathy C. Abendanio





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