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First-Ever Virtual Webinar by ECCD Council: Early Years Fair 2021

First-Ever Virtual Webinar by ECCD Council: Early Years Fair 2021

Introducing the first-ever virtual webinar by ECCD Council (Early Childhood Care and Development Council) in partnership with Post Ad Ventures, Inc. The ECCD Council is a renowned organization in the Philippines dedicated to promoting the well-being and growth of young children. They work on various projects and events to create a supportive environment for children. Among these events was the Early Years Fair held in November 2021; it was particularly significant as it brought together stakeholders, educators, parents, and children to celebrate the significance of the early years and showcase initiatives that contribute to a better future for Filipino children.

This virtual event aimed to empower families and educators with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to provide nurturing and stimulating environments for children. The fair featured numerous workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions led by early childhood development experts. These sessions covered many topics, including the importance of play in learning, nutrition for early learners, positive discipline techniques, and how to foster a love for reading in young children.

Participants had the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and demonstrations, learning practical strategies to enhance their interactions with children and promote their holistic growth. For educators, this event provided valuable insights into the latest teaching methodologies and evidence-based practices.

First-Ever Virtual Webinar by ECCD Council: Early Years Fair 2021

The Early Years Fair showcased innovative early childhood education programs and projects from government agencies and NGOs across the Philippines. It included community-based learning centers and inclusive education initiatives for children with special needs.

By highlighting these successful projects, the ECCD Council aimed to inspire more collaborations and initiatives in early childhood care and development.

Hence, by empowering families, educators, and communities with knowledge and resources and showcasing innovative programs, the ECCD Council continues to make significant strides in creating a brighter and more promising future for Filipino children. As they look forward to organizing more such events, the ECCD Council sets an inspiring example for other nations in their commitment to early childhood care and development.





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