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James Hardie: Building Endless Possibilities

LBAY, Bicol – James Hardie’s emphasis on brand value of making dream houses made them the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. According to Matthew 5: 16, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” As majestic as the cloud-capped Mayon Volcano that is in Legazpi City, LIVEvolution continues to ignite this year to put a spotlight on the never-ending commitment of the James Hardie dealers. Last April 23-25, 2014 at Misibis Bay Resorts and Casino in Albay, dealers were gathered in coordination with Post Ad Ventures, Inc, to celebrate a 3-day and 2-night conference. The dealers were given teaser invitations via electronic direct mail and formal invitations inside a box delivered to them each.

Day 1: To More Wishes and Dreams to Come True Rekindling the light that is innate in all the dealers was Post Ad Ventures’ goal. Upon arrival at Legazpi, dealers visited three tourist spots in the city and were asked to play a photo online contest. In Trick-a-Pic, dealers read a riddle and captured a photo in accordance to it. The perfect weather provided energy to the dealers, warming them up for the next activities. During lunch, they ate in one of the famous restaurants in town, which is 1st Colonial Grill. It would be a long day for them, but seeing the marvelous beach of Misibis Bay would energizes the dealers. Before going to their hotel rooms, they took pictures by the bay, while having their welcome drink, lei and entertainment care of Post Ad Ventures, Inc. They were given VIP treatment to feel pampered for the 3 consecutive days. Each dealer was given event essentials packed in a native craft bag including business meeting shirt and fliers of schedule of activities. The sunset was everyone’s sign that the Fellowship Night is about to start. Paint drummers opened the program with a colorful performance. Dealers joined the fun with their tambourines, egg shakers, and whistles. Gelli Victorhosted the event and introduced Rolly Salvador for the opening remarks. Rolly welcomed everyone and lighted the place even more through the glow sticks that symbolize the breaking of new grounds. Even if the glow sticks are a small source of light, they can brighten up a place if they stick together; just like the dealers. Aside from being a source of light and symbol of breaking new grounds, these sticks are also the raffle entry of the dealers. Three random dealers had green glow sticks inside their event essentials kit and they are the lucky winners of the power banks. When James Hardie and their partners are working together, they can build endless possibilities and provide Filipinos their dream homes. Mark Sergio reminded the dealers of their role in bringing the light of hope for dreamers through sky lanterns. The night ended with a display of lights that brightens the sky.

Day 2: Business Meeting and Misibis Bay Adventure Second day pumped up the dealers by starting off with the Business Meeting. Dealers woke up early motivated to learn. Mark, Liza and Edwinshared different topics to the dealers to keep their business growing. The highlight of the business meeting is the shirt designing activity that aimed to remind the dealers of their pledge to James Hardie. Their colleagues signed these shirts as a way of saying that they feel the same. The afternoon was all about enjoying what Misibis Bay has to offer. Different activities were available for the dealers including ATV at the View Deck, Introductory Diving, Cruise around Cagraray Island, Banana Boat Ride and Jetski , giving all the freedom to do what they want within the Misibis Bay. Souvenir bracelets marked with 1, 2, and 3 were given to the dealers. One lucky person received a bracelet marked 1, 2, and 5 and got a gift later that night.

Day 3: Vegas Broadway Goes to Misibis Bay James Hardie recognized the efforts of the dealers that constantly bring a life without compromise to Filipino dreamers through the Award’s Night. Themed Vegas Broadway, the dealers ramp the red carpet feeling like a star because for James Hardie all of them are stars that shines brightly in their own unique way. Small green pouches were handed off to the dealers as a memorabilia in the prestigious event. It contains a diamond engraved with James Hardie logo. These also served as a raffle entry where in three dealers received clear gems instead of green. Just like in the Hollywood Award’s Night, guest performers are invited to entertain the guests. This night, Karylle gave everyone a blast with her super energetic performance. First to be acknowledged are the dealers who contributed to the growth of James Hardie as it moves to greater heights. Per region, James Hardie chose the dealer who gave the highest growth in terms of volume. The Growth Drivers are Jaefer Construction Supply for Luzon, Cebu Oversea Hardware Co., Inc. for Visayas, and Dadiangas Glass & Construction Supply for Mindanao. Dealers who won the most number of projects using James Hardie products received the Project Trailblazers Award. The winners for this category are Petronne Trading for Luzon, Vic Enterprises for Visayas, and Dadiangas Glass & Construction Supply for Mindanao. Now on its 125 years, James Hardie made this event more special through giving away more prizes than usual. As mentioned earlier, one lucky person got a bracelet marked with 1, 2, and 5. This lucky person got a brand new iPad Mini. Top 10 dealers who worked hard to continue to uphold the mission and vision of James Hardie were commended as the Prime Movers. They are the dealers who generated growth in terms of Sales Volume in Fiscal Year 2014. The Top 10 dealers were: WV New Davao Goldstar Hardware Co., Inc., Seato Trading, Tenny Enterprises Inc., Iloilo Central Lumber, Vic Enterprises, Kelly Hardware & Construction Supply, BME Partners Inc., SQ Lumber, WDR Industrial Sales, and Sterling Construction & Development Corp.

Congratulations to all of us! See you all again next time for another James Hardie LIVEvolution, where living is without compromise.





Since Post Ad Ventures Inc. started in 2002, it has been one of the leading marketing communications company in the country and has God to thank for. This is because Post Ad believes in following God’s word and principles in conducting business.

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