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#SarBay Forever: Let’s Party the SarBay Way!

GUMASA, Sarangani – The Post Ad Ventures Inc, the Official Marketing Partner of the Province of Sarangani brings to you a summer solstice like no other: The SarBay Festival, now on its 10th year!

How do you party the SarBay Forever way?

Imagine bright night-lights beaming through the white sand shores flickering through your optics, raved up electronic music at the helm of your eardrums and the summer salty air touching your sun-kissed skin. An experience to party in bikinis and board shorts. Isn’t that fun?

Is there Forever?

Definitely! And it’s the #SarBayForever Festival!

Post Ad Ventures is conquering this year with the freshest and hottest activities. Bands, party music and foam party will be there to hype up your summer rush.

Our joint force with the Province of Sarangani will surely pave its way to give you the definition of party. You won’t be partying; you’ll be experiencing! Bring out the party animal in you on the 3rd week of May at the stretch of the Sarangani Bay, wearing your best swimsuit!

We’ll surely rev up your adrenaline rush with the white sand shores, fresh summer air and sun kissed crisp smacking your energetic beach body. There’s no way but to anticipate the biggest beach party of all time.

Why would you settle for the ordinary when you know that there are more splashy, colorful and intense destinations within the borders of Philippines? This time, it’s in the Sarangani Beach; something fresh, something way hotter than the usual beach parties.

SarBay says, it’s you!

Without a doubt, Philippines continuously redefines its potential as a tourist destination in the South East Asia Pacific through its unique festivities, thriving to be at the forefront of tourism while promoting goodwill and ecotourism. And what better way to celebrate a festivity than to highlight our glamorous provinces?

Undeniable, Gumasa has the most elegant beaches and bays in Mindanao. No questions asked. A hometown for almost 7,000 residents, Sarangani religiously promotes their festive culture through the Sarbay Festival. Originally a joint project with the city, this emancipated from the most creative minds of Sarangani that know what fun in the sun is!

The first SarBay Festival happened in 2006, which was surprisingly attended by tourists and Filipinos from Davao and Kidapawan City. The partygoers’ population over the years went from 10,000 to a maximum of 120,000 beach-crazed goers. We are anticipating the population to double for this year, expecting people from Davao, General Santos, Manila, Cebu and other parts of the world to conquer the white sand shores of Sarangani Bay. SarBay is definitely going international!

Now, it’s bigger, hotter and bolder. Sports Unlimited, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and the Manila Bulletin will be there to cover the SarBay Forever Festival.

Are you G this May 15-16, 2015? G!

Your Party Mechanics

To plunge into this fascinating event would be like spontaneously going on a vacation with your family and friends; there’s that element of excitement, anticipation and thrill because you know you’re in for something new and exclusive!

Travelling within the parameters of Luzon and Visayas is definitely fun, but to tell you honestly, Gumasa, Sarangani in Mindanao will give you an experience like you’ve never partied your whole life.

If you are planning to go on a vacation with your family and want to get that perfect summer skin tone, take pictures with your special ones and dive into this massive party, this is the perfect time to jump into the SarBay festival!

This is the type of experience you’ve never thought of writing on your bucket list. This is something new. I dare you to join us.

Summer happens once a year and there’s no way you’re missing this one!





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