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President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023 as Adopted Son of the Province

President Bongbong Marcos Jr. (BBM) visited the region of Camarines Sur in March 2023 for the first Kadiwa ng Pangulo, a groundbreaking ceremony, an assistance distribution, and a tour of the Coconut Processing Facility. On the same day, Governor Luigi Villafuerte announced President BBM as an adopted son of CamSur, where the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur passed the resolution. To assist the president’s visit, the Government of Camarines Sur hired Post Ad Ventures, Inc., an events and advertising company, to lead the challenging planning and execution in partnership with the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).

Post Ad Ventures, Inc. was tasked with organizing not one but four important events throughout the day, making an everlasting impression on this momentous occasion. Furthermore, Post Ad Ventures, Inc. had a remarkable opportunity of organizing an outstanding event for President BBM, building on their prior accomplishment of showcasing a presidential event for former President Rodrigo Duterte. This event marks a significant milestone for the company, strengthening its reputation as a reliable partner for high-profile gatherings. They packed the day with events demonstrating President BBM's dedication to the welfare of the Filipino people, particularly those in Camarines Sur province.

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

1st Event: Kadiwa ng Pangulo

The day's first event in this CamSur president's visit is the Kadiwa ng Pangulo. President BBM evaluated various food and agricultural products displayed at a caravan in Pili, Camarines Sur. The purpose of this event was to promote local products and the agricultural industry, as well as to reinforce the administration's commitment to economic growth and self-sufficiency.

Post Ad Ventures, Inc., as the Government of Camarines Sur instructed, organized BBM Adopted Son of Camsur Kadiwa ng Pangulo, highlighting local farmers' abundant harvest and hard labor, with the covered court serving as a lively stage for the colorful caravans. The event's management company cleverly converted the covered court into an appealing caravan, filled with bright decorations that accentuated Camarines Sur's agricultural richness. The location was decked with traditional bunting and colorful banners, bringing a festive touch to the occasion. The caravans presented an abundance of delights that reflected the region's bountiful lands and the hard work of its expert farmers and fishermen, from fresh fruits and vegetables to dairy products.

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

2nd Event: The Groundbreaking Ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of more than 20,000 housing units in Camarines Sur province was one of the highlights of the president's visit. This critical project is part of the Pambansang Pabahay Para sa Pilipino Housing (4PH) Program, which strives to provide Filipino families with decent and secure homes. The project will be located on Panganiban Drive in Naga City, offering a better future for the locals.

Post Ad Ventures, Inc., tasked by the Government of Camarines Sur, arranged the occasion’s centerpiece, a carefully constructed stage adorned with elegant arrangements and the national flag. A welcoming message for the President was displayed boldly on a towering backdrop. The stage, strategically placed against an enticing greenery backdrop, presented a remarkable visual contrast, emphasizing the harmony between nature and development. Post Ad Ventures, Inc. went to great lengths to ensure the valued visitors' comfort and convenience. Tents provided shade from the sun while also providing an excellent spot for guests and attendees to interact with one another. Post Ad Ventures, Inc. appropriately designed seating arrangements allowed for clear views of the stage, ensuring that everyone felt a part of this historic occasion.

Furthermore, Post Ad Ventures, Inc. went above and beyond to ensure flawless audio delivery throughout the ceremony. A part of the program management is carefully placing an advanced sound system so that even the audience across the field can hear the speakers. Post Ad Ventures, Inc. organized a comprehensive program in line with what the Government of Camarines Sur wanted, ensuring that every detail was executed skillfully and compassionately. The President's speech, which promised Camarines Sur a brighter future, was a celebration highlight. Following the talks, there was a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony in which President BBM wielded the ceremonial shovel, symbolizing the start of the groundbreaking process.

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

3rd Event: Assistance Distribution

Recognizing the importance of community development, President BBM took part in the distribution of farming resources and machinery and financial aid to the province. This gesture demonstrated the government's commitment to assisting those in need and establishing a caring and supportive environment. President BBM personally handed over the farming materials and equipment to the hardworking farmers and fishermen in recognition of their essential contributions to the nation's food security and economic prosperity. In addition to tangible farming goods and equipment, the President offered cash assistance to agricultural workers.

Post Ad Ventures, Inc., as a primary event organizer, was critical in assuring the smooth execution of the Distribution of Assistance. Every detail was properly attended to, demonstrating the company's competence in event management and commitment to social causes. The events management company ensured that the event worked smoothly, from the distribution area to the effective coordination of the beneficiaries, allowing the spotlight to remain on the farmers and fishermen who were at the heart of the occasion. President BBM stood shoulder to shoulder with the hardworking farmers and fishermen of Camarines Sur at the Distribution of Assistance event. The air was thick with appreciation and hope for a greater and more affluent future.

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

President BBM's CamSur Kadiwa ng Pangulo Visit 2023

4th Event: Visiting the Coconut Processing Facility

The Coconut Processing Facility in Pili, Camarines Sur, was another significant stop during the President's visit. This tour highlighted the government's emphasis on the agricultural sector, notably the coconut industry, which is vital to the region's economy.

President BBM was escorted by Post Ad Ventures, Inc. as tasked by the Government of Camarines Sur on a fascinating tour to the Coconut Processing Facility in Pili, Camarines Sur, in a journey to the heart of the coconut business. This exceptional business provided a glimpse into the nuances of coconut processing and demonstrated the region's enormous potential in the coconut sector. The delegation was warmly welcomed with precise planning, transportation, and organization, setting the atmosphere for an exciting and educational tour. During the tour, professionals from the coconut sector provided detailed explanations, providing the President and his delegation a thorough grasp of the facility's coconut processing procedures. This knowledge exchange promoted a greater understanding of the coconut industry's importance to the region's economy and potential for expansion.

governor villafuerte and bongbong marcos

Respected VIPs and Guests

The event's success was only possible with the distinguished presence of various VIPs and guests. Camarines Sur Governor Vincenzo Renato Luigi Reyes Villafuerte, Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion, and Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD) Secretary Jose Rizalino Acuzar were present.

The celebration was also blessed by the presence of Camarines Sur 2nd District Rep. Luis Raymond Villafuerte, Camarines Sur 5th District Rep. Miguel Luis Villafuerte, and other Cabinet members and local leaders. Post Ad Ventures, Inc., hired by the Government of Camarines Sur, in collaboration with the DHSUD is exceptionally proud to have played a vital role in organizing this historic event.

post ad ventures camsur

The successful execution of the President's visit reinforces the company's commitment to providing exceptional event management. Post Ad Ventures, Inc. continues to grow its portfolio of important clients and events while remaining committed to innovation, professionalism, and exceeding expectations. The organization anticipates further opportunities to contribute to the success of extraordinary gatherings that affect the nation's improvement and development. The entire Post Ad Ventures, Inc. team is grateful to the Government of Camarines Sur, most especially to Governor Luigi Villafuerte for entrusting them with the honor of organizing such a momentous occasion. They work together to create a better future for the Philippines and its people.





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