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KAOGMA 2018 is all about UNLIGAYA!

From the happiness overload last year, the government of the Province of Camarines Sur rocked once again the South with Kaogma 2018: UNLIGAYA!

CamSur’s Kaogma Festival surely never failed to amaze everyone with its giant events that are now made bigger! Staging the biggest stars, gathering everyone from all over the world. 50,000+ local and international spectators experienced intense happiness right from the world-record breaking opening down to the jam-packed following days!

The celebration started off with CamSur’s Grand Zumba Kontra Droga campaign copping the Guinness World Record of Largest Zumba Class with 13,000+ participants simultaneously all out dancing! And the fun continues as Gov. Migz Villafuerte officially announced the opening of Kaogma 2018!

Kaogma 2018 surely got everything laid down for everyone, ranging from action-packed events such as the first grassroots triathlon, MotoCross, Muay Thai, Tri-Factor, and CamSur 3-on-3 Basketball to energy-pumping Cultural Street dance, Dance Revolution, and CamSur Rock Fest! Everyone’s also looked forward to the ever-regal Miss CamSur and the Senior Citizen’s Night. Even the cuddly dogs got their own spotlight as KAOGMA 2018: UNLIGAYA introduced its first-ever Dog Show. And of course, what is Kaogma if there’s no party right?! The CWC Indie Night: Weekend Warriors brought out the warriors inside of everyone as they sing along with the hottest up-and-coming artists performing their best songs!

The province of Camarines Sur is more than blessed with its people, economy, natural resources and spots, and of course its government, and to commemorate its wonderful 439th founding anniversary, a Holy Foundation Mass was held on the last day of the festival.





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