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Doing Online Events in the New Normal

The way to do online events now requires an event agency to be compliant and cautious in implementing the Health and Safety Protocols given by IATF under the Film Development Council of the Philippines and Meetings, Incentive, Conventions and Events.

Clients that want to mount their online conferences and events must know what they need to consider and include in their cost these new elements so that they can effectively run a proper event in this new normal. For online events, there are more tedious preparations needed before the actual mounting.

Since events are aired over the internet, this is considered “a filming event”. To be able to mount any event, one must secure a permit from the government.

To begin, one must download forms from the Film Development Council of the Philippines. The one that needs to be passed is the Production Registration Form. These forms require details of the event, must have a complete list of staff and crew and must also state the dates and location of the event or what they call “Shooting Dates”. These forms must be given not less than 7 days before mounting your event to get approval.

The next important step is securing your venue. You have to make sure the venue can cater to your needs. Based on the Philippine rules You can have a maximum of 50 pax running your event but this will be dependent on the size of your venue. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Events) can only be held in venues with a maximum of 50% seating capacity number of people under modified general community quarantine. For general community quarantine its limited to 30%. The guidelines include that people that will be inside the venue are in the age range of 21-60 years old. Everyone will need to follow the protocols which include social distancing 1 meter apart, face mask, face shield. The venue must be disinfected through UV lights and anti-bacterial fogging. There must be stations for temperature checks and sanitizing. The whole area must have all the guidelines as reminders for everyone.

Every time that you come in for a shoot, rapid test or swab test are required to secure the safety of the whole team working. Should anyone come out positive, they can no longer join the team for the event. These tests may come out to be costly one. It can range anywhere from Php900 – Php4000. To make sure all of these protocols are done without compromise, you are required to hire the services of a Health and Safety Officer in the venue.

When it comes to meals, buffet style is not allowed. What is required are packed meals served from a reliable and AITF compliant food supplier. Ordering from the likes of a Grab food, food panda are considered acceptable.

So it is not enough that you have strong Internet and a backend platform to use for your online – you need these requirements to make your event compliant, safe and secured.





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