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Go natural with your oral hygiene!

Experience the best of nature with Himalaya Botanique!

With a history of spanning eight decades on herbal research, Himalaya surely shares a close relationship with nature producing products that don’t only promote good health but also safeguards the health of our planet.

For several years Filipinos settle for what they can just grab at the store, but now Himalaya Botanique range of toothpaste is here, we can now upgrade our oral hygiene! Last June 20, 2018, at Ikomai Tochi, Himalaya Botanique finally brought the toothpaste that won’t just give you fresh breath and clean teeth but is made all-natural because Himalaya believes in the wellness of all things—wellness of people, wellness of environment, and as well as wellness of communities.

During the product launch, Mr. Saket Gore, CEO of Himalaya Asia Pacific gave us a good view on the benefits, facts, and information about the Himalaya brand. With this, guests learned that a lot of toothpaste product uses harmful chemicals that can be found on pesticides. Knowing that Himalaya is a brand that advocates organic and natural products it pushes everyone to stand up for their right to know the true facts about what they are brushing their teeth with.

To support this, Himalaya made sure that the guests would know that Himalaya Toothpaste is made of organic ingredients, which is why a DIY Toothpaste segment was done during the event that gave them the opportunity to make their own toothpaste. This gives everyone an exclusive Himalaya experience.

And to finally introduce the Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste Range, a special kabuki drop grandly reveals the most-awaited and anticipated organic toothpaste! Following the drop is the playback of It’s Time video presentation wherein Himalaya encourages everyone to say It’s Time to say no to harmful chemicals, no to testing products to animals and yes to all natural!





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