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Philpost Innovation Launch with Former President Rodrigo Duterte

Post Ad Ventures Philpost Innovation Launch

PostAd Ventures, in cooperation with Philpost, proudly delivered the highly anticipated Philpost Innovation Launch, an event that marked the beginning of a digital revolution for the Philippine Postal Corporation. Held on May 19, 2020, from 5 PM to 7 PM, Philpost Innovation Launch intended to modernize and expand postal services in the Philippines through digitalization. The setting itself, the complete building of the Post Office, offered an appropriate setting for this significant occasion.

One of the event's highlights was the attendance of the established VIP, former President Rodrigo Duterte. His participation added significance and emphasized the government's commitment to digitalization efforts. Inspired by the former President's Malasakit Campaign, the event intended to use modern technologies and innovative ideas to establish a better and more efficient postal service for all Filipinos.

Philpost Innovation Launch Rodrigo Duterte

PostAd Ventures, the driving force behind the event's conception and execution, took on the burden of creating every aspect. Their thorough planning and attention to detail were evident in the well-designed set and stage. However, they found an unforeseen challenge five minutes before the big event began. The PostAd crew had to change the set design, a challenging aspect that demanded rapid thought and agility. Nevertheless, they managed to overcome such a barrier and ensured that everything was ready to give an engaging experience for the participants.

Specific rules had to be followed as a government activity, notably surrounding former President Duterte's presence. Philpost worked as the middleman, sending information from the former President's team to PostAd Ventures. This communication technique presented some challenges, as the response time was not as fast or reliable as desired. Despite this, PostAd Ventures rose, exhibiting professionalism and inventiveness to ensure an effortless event flow.

Philpost Innovation Launch

Because of the importance of the Philpost Innovation Launch, the entire event was live-streamed. This allowed Filipinos around the country to witness the significant occasion and comprehend the government's commitment to upgrading the postal service. The webcast introduced a dimension of inclusivity and transparency, enabling the larger audience to feel connected and part of the transforming experience.

Despite the difficulties it faced, PostAd Ventures succeeded in presenting a fantastic and unforgettable event. The Philpost Innovation Launch signifies a new era for the Philippine Postal Corporation that embraces technology and offers more excellent services for the Filipino people. Through their experience and unrelenting dedication, PostAd Ventures contributed to this groundbreaking project.

Philpost Innovation Launch President Rodrigo Duterte

As the curtains fell on the event, the participants were left with confidence and excitement for the future of the Philippine postal system. PostAd Ventures, in cooperation with Philpost, had accomplished their aim of organizing an event that demonstrated the government's dedication to advancement and improvement. The Philpost Innovation Launch will be remembered as a turning event, where the traditional mail service took its first steps towards a digital and more efficient future.

Written By: Aldrid C. Arenas





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