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Young Revivalists Manila 2023

The Young Revivalists Manila 2023 was an extraordinary opportunity for the children to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and embrace the power of the Holy Spirit in their Christian faith.

The Young Revivalist Leader's Conference occurred from July 12 to 14, 2023, from 1 pm to 5 pm at Upper Box, Promenade Greenhills, San Juan, Manila. This event promises a transformative experience for children aged 7 to 12 as they embark on a journey of spiritual growth and partnership with the Holy Spirit. Additionally, on July 15, a special Breakthrough Gathering for children with Special Needs of all ages was also held, making the event an inclusive and impactful gathering.

Young Revivalists Manila 2023 was led by Pastor Clement Sim from Soakability Church, giving unending knowledge, blessings, and awakening events to those young participants. The whole event’s successful execution was possible through the overall management skills of Post Ad Ventures, a renowned advertising agency in Manila and a company that has a strong-rooted faith. Post Ad Ventures Inc. took charge of the events program, set design, participants, speakers, technicals, and other crucial activities, making it one of the most successful events it handled. Post Adventures Inc. won again! Proven its capabilities as one of the capable events agencies in Manila! Let us unveil the enlightening events that happened.

Day One: Unveiling the Gospel, Grace, and Holy Spirit's Presence

Young Revivalists Manila 2023

Young Revivalists Manila 2023

On the first day of the conference, we discussed the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, the law of God, and divine grace. The presentations covered the need for a Savior and pointed to Jesus Christ as the only one to save. The conference began with an explanation of God, creation, the fall, sin, salvation, and Christ's life, death, and resurrection. It emphasized that the Holy Spirit, though unseen, is a natural and active presence in our lives, making us aware of God's constant involvement.

Day Two: A Journey of Empathy and Prophetic Healing

Young Revivalists

Young Revivalists

Young Revivalists Movement

On day two of the conference, Healing, and Prophecy were the main topics. Teaching children to pray for others fosters empathy, compassion, and a sense of community while praying for healing helps them understand humility and the need for forgiveness and restoration. Learning about prophecy equips children with discernment and a deeper appreciation for God's plan and involvement in human affairs throughout history, cultivating faith and hope in their spiritual journey.

Pastor Clement Sim

Young Revivalists Manila 2023

Day Three: Embracing Grace: Divine Impartation and Sacred Baptism

Young Revivalists Movement

Young Revivalists

The much-awaited last and final day of The Young Revivalists Leader's Conference is about Divine Impartation and Baptism! This is the day to let the audience acknowledge the topics' deep importance, as it connects us to Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, leading us towards a sacred journey of new beginnings.

Clement Sim

Young Revivalists Manila 2023

Young Revivalists Movment

Impartation aimed to help children establish a strong foundation of faith, understand their identity in Christ and discover their unique callings in life. Parents played a vital role in imparting spiritual blessings and gifts, empowering children to live out their faith, serve others, and positively impact the world. Baptism was regarded as a sacred act symbolizing identification with Jesus Christ, but it was emphasized that it marked the beginning of a lifelong faith journey. The ongoing process of discipleship, through teaching and guidance in God's Word, His love, and the Christian way of life, was stressed as essential for the children's continuous spiritual growth.

Special Breakthrough Gathering for Children with Special Needs

Breakthrough Gathering Manila

Special Needs Gathering

The "Breakthrough Gathering," a remarkable event led by Pastor Clement Sim of Soakability Church as part of the Young Revivalists Movement, has concluded with overwhelming success. The day was dedicated to celebrating special needs children of all ages, and its resounding success serves as a powerful testament to the goodness of God. The event was filled with heartfelt worship and dancing as attendees joyfully acknowledged that all followers of the Lord deserve His abundant blessings. This extraordinary gathering showcased the power of faith and unity in creating a genuinely inclusive and uplifting experience for everyone involved.

The support of Post Ad Venture, in cooperation with the various churches and sponsors, namely Paint It Fun PH and Dreambee Books, was crucial in making the event successful, enabling the children to receive enriching materials and memorable experiences that would positively impact their lives.

Overall, the 2023 Young Revivalists Movement was a powerful and impactful event, leaving a lasting impression on the young participants and empowering them to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives rooted in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.





Since Post Ad Ventures Inc. started in 2002, it has been one of the leading marketing communications company in the country and has God to thank for. This is because Post Ad believes in following God’s word and principles in conducting business.

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