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Festival of Music Concert 2014 of #ArawNgMakati

Makati Coliseum was packed with people last June 7, 2014 as the last day of the celebration of #ArawNgMakati happened that night. The Festival of Music Concert was not only swarming with attendees but also overflowing with celebrity performers who wanted to give the people of Makati a night they will always remember.

The theme of the concert was thanksgiving and blessing, which summarizes the celebration of the 344th anniversary.

First to set foot onstage are the Ukulele Philippines Ensemble giving shivers to the crowd as they pull the strings of their ukulele.

DJ Miko set the mood of the coliseum as he went at the table to spin some music.

The concert officially started with the City Government of Makati Employees Chorale singing the Philippine National Anthem.

The powerful opening production number began with the Enlighten Black Theatre Group who left the crowd amazed.

Of course, the Makati Golden Citizens Dance Troupe showed everyone that they can still groove to the music.

Philippine Barangay Folkdance Troupe reminded everyone the Filipino culture with their performance of traditional dances.

Shower of blessings were given to Makati and the city would gladly give back the blessings to its citizens. All night long, Icko Gonzales and Vissia Aldon reveal different surprises to the audience as host of the Festival of Music Concert. To hype the crowd more, the hosts threw shirts to the crowd. How truly blessed Makati is to have one the Philippines’ best singer perform onstage. The “Ako ang Nagwagi” singer, Dulce, along with Fortenors reminded the audience all the blessings Makati has been receiving. Makati is climbing to its success because it is loved by people and the very best reflection of this is Marian Rivera. Marian danced along with the crowd for an entertaining number.

To give away more goodies, an ice breaker game was held onstage. Participants just need to eat one polvoron and say “Araw ng Makati, Mabuhay ang Makati” five times; the fastest player to finish will win. Surprisingly, a girl knows how to rap faster than the boys.

As Makati continues to receive blessings, the city share these to places in need. When Yolanda left almost nothing to Tacloban City, Makati open heartedly donated 50-million pesos. To thank Makati for their support, Reo Brothers of Tacloban performed onstage to share to the people of Makati how they were moved by the act of kindness. People of Makati are not just audience in this concert but they are also part of it. We called onstage nine of them to show off their gimme gimme gimme moves.

Another pride of the Philippines expressed his visions of Makati as a resident. Rico J. Puno is indeed proud of the unending growth of Makati through the efforts of their great leaders. Music Making Company shared the stage with him.

Aside from the label “Financial Capital of the Philippines”, Makati is also tagged as the “Selfie Capital of the World” according to a research conducted by TIME Magazine.

From grasses to commercial buildings, Makati made its way up through perseverance. This is the same story for the next performer, Billy Crawford, who started his career at a very young age until he gain fame. The It’s Showtime host entertained the crowd with his dance moves and powerful voice.

This night is all about giving happiness that’s why we are not yet done in giving away prizes. The next game is the Poker Face game.

Festival of Music Concert is the channel that Makati used to share their blessings and show their thanksgiving to everyone. To give everyone the best night of their life, the concert ended with a big band who rocked the night of Makati. True Faith expressed their gratitude to be part of the concert. The local government of Makati along with Post Ad is truly grateful to be organizing the event for a city in which God has wonderfully blessed. People of Makati are proud to be living in the city as they each contribute to the prosperity of the place. We can see that through their gestures and unity in building their community as a family. From Post Ad family, thank you to everyone who went and enjoyed the night of blessings and thanksgiving with us. See you all again next year for a bigger and happier #ArawNgMakati celebration!





Since Post Ad Ventures Inc. started in 2002, it has been one of the leading marketing communications company in the country and has God to thank for. This is because Post Ad believes in following God’s word and principles in conducting business.

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