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Henkel Health-E Summer

Embrace Health and Fun Amidst the Pandemic with Exciting Activities and Prizes

Henkel Health-E Summer

Henkel has chosen Post Ad Ventures to organize the Henkel Health-E Summer event. Henkel's Health-E Summer is a vibrant online event created to uplift spirits and promote healthy living for the employees of Henkel company. While the pandemic may still be present in the community, Henkel recognizes the importance of staying connected and engaging in activities that nourish the body, mind, and soul.

As added fun, the event features a raffle with different gadget prizes. Lucky winners have been given the chance to take home premium goodies such as headphones, Apple iPads, and split-type inverters. These fantastic prizes serve as a reminder that embracing a healthy lifestyle can lead to remarkable rewards.

Henkel Health-E Summer

Henkel prioritizes the safety of all attendees who will be the ones giving life to the event, and before participating in the health-E Summer Event, everyone must undergo a mandatory swab test. This precautionary measure ensures a secure and worry-free environment, allowing you to enjoy the festivities responsibly.

Henkel Health-E Summer

No summer event is complete without music, and the health-E Summer Event brought in the talented Musika Club Band to set the stage alight with their soulful performances.

Post Ad Ventures Henkel Health-E Summer

Henkel's Health-E Summer Event gave thanks to Post Ad Ventures, an event advertising company renowned for turning ideas into reality. With their innovative minds, they cater to clients' requests and craft engaging content that leaves a lasting impact. Thanks to their expertise, this event has transformed into a spectacular showcase of health, fun, and positivity.

Written by: Kristine Dapa





Since Post Ad Ventures Inc. started in 2002, it has been one of the leading marketing communications company in the country and has God to thank for. This is because Post Ad believes in following God’s word and principles in conducting business.

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