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James Hardie PH Redefines Success in the Hardware Industry

To celebrate excellence and success, James Hardie, a leading hardware company, recently organized a remarkable event to recognize the Top 30 representatives from best-selling hardware nationwide. The event's objective was clear - strengthening their bond with these exceptional individuals, enhancing recognition, and laying the foundation for the company's ambitious plans in the upcoming years.

Themed "Moving Forward," the event embodied the spirit of progress and growth. It commenced in 2021 when the selected representatives were sent exclusive invitation gift boxes. They discovered a dynamic combination of the latest Xiaomi treadmill, encouraging an active lifestyle, and a specially designed polo shirt, perfect for the event. A unique tap-to-connect card further personalized the experience, fostering a sense of belonging among the attendees.

James Hardie PH Thoughtful Gift Boxes

Following the event, James Hardie PH Redefines Success in the Hardware Industry with thoughtful thank-you gift boxes embracing gratitude and innovation. These beautifully branded gift boxes encompassed a variety of delightful items, catering to different tastes and preferences. Recipients delighted in finding high-quality pens for the office, tumblers for their daily hydration needs, bottles of fine wine for well-deserved relaxation, and a delectable selection of chocolates for moments of indulgence.

The gift boxes are artfully blended tools for play and work, reflecting the essence of James Hardie's commitment to its representatives' holistic well-being. Those leisure moments, including premium chocolates and a carefully curated selection of charcuterie and wine, they brought joy and celebration. On the other hand, the practical tools for work, such as multifunctional pens and laptop stands, demonstrated the company's keen interest in enhancing productivity and efficiency in their daily endeavors.

James Hardie's approach to recognizing and appreciating its top representatives showcases their dedication to fostering a robust and collaborative relationship with their stakeholders. By encouraging a healthy balance between work and play, the company sets a shining example for the industry. The gift boxes serve as a lasting token of appreciation and motivation, empowering these accomplished individuals to move forward with renewed enthusiasm in their hardware endeavors.

In partnership with Post Ad Ventures, Inc. and James Hardie Philippines, the initiative of this "gift box" project has not only deepened the connection between James Hardie and its top companies but has also demonstrated the importance of acknowledgment in nurturing a dynamic and flourishing hardware and construction industry. Embracing the year's theme, James Hardie reaffirms its dedication to excellence and innovation as they pave the way for a more promising future.





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