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Pernod Ricard "Drink More Water"

Pernod Ricard "Drink More Water"

Pernod Ricard "Drink More Water": Promoting Responsible Drinking and Hydration in Asia

After a long-awaited two-year hiatus, the UP Fair made its much-anticipated comeback, captivating attendees with many fun-filled events, thrilling rides, vibrant bazaars, and engaging booths. Among these attractions was Pernod Ricard's 'Drink More Water' campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of staying hydrated and practicing responsible drinking when consuming alcohol. As the campaign expands its reach to 14 Asian markets, it is set to impact the lives of millions, solidifying its commitment to fostering mindful alcohol consumption in Asia through a partnership with during the UP Fair at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Pernod Ricard "Drink More Water"

The 'Drink More Water' campaign, launched 2021 in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, has been a major success, reaching over 110 million people across three continents. Pernod Ricard is expanding the campaign to Asia, aiming to connect with over 87 million people.

During the UP Fair held from February 14-18, 2023, Pernod Ricard partnered with to engage with their target audience, including students and young professionals approaching the legal drinking age. The campaign promotes responsible drinking and staying hydrated while consuming alcohol, encouraging positive choices for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

At the UP Fair, Pernod Ricard set up an impactful booth with and Post Ad, distributing complimentary water bottles to visitors while spreading the advocacy of choosing water over alcohol. By targeting the youth during this event, the campaign aimed to inspire positive behavior changes and foster a conscious drinking culture in Asia.

Pernod Ricard "Drink More Water"

Pernod Ricard's 'Drink More Water' campaign has significantly impacted millions across continents to adopt responsible drinking habits and prioritize hydration while enjoying alcohol. Through strategic expansion and partnerships like the one with at the UP Fair, Pernod Ricard continues to promote mindful alcohol consumption among the youth, contributing to the safer and more enjoyable drinking culture in the region.





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