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Transforming the Ordinary: NRCP Atong and Aram

The NRCP Atong and Aram have launched an exceptional undertaking with a firm dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and distributing it among the beneficiaries of the Competitive Research and Development Funding for Energy and Environment Technologies (CEST) program. Bridging the Utilization of R&D Results through Awareness and Dissemination (BURDA) is their project, which has resulted in creating of a series of 16 informative animated videos. These animated videos delve into several areas of science, addressing complex subjects in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

NRCP Atong and Aram

The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) hired Post Ad Ventures, Inc., an events and advertising company, to bring two animated characters named "Atong" and "Aram" to life by making them mascots in a fascinating project that combines creativity and education. It comes under the supervision of the prestigious Department of Science and Technology (DOST), which represents a significant step forward in advancing science education through creative means.

Aram and Atong: From Screen to Reality

Post Ad Ventures, Inc., known for its ability to transform the ordinary into the spectacular, has taken on the thrilling task of bringing "Atong" and "Aram" to life. The animated figures, previously restricted to the digital sphere, are now real-life mascots, attracting audiences of all ages with their adorable presence. Aram and Atong are ambassadors of science education, stimulating curiosity and wonder in everyone who comes into contact with them. This project of NRCP trusted to Post Ad Ventures, Inc. offers a remarkable synergy of inspiration and competence, propelling knowledge quest and cultivating a love of science.

NRCP Atong and Aram

The videos were made with the primary goal of assisting teachers by serving as instructional materials for various areas of science. Post Ad Ventures, Inc., as an event and advertising company, is no stranger to turning ideas into reality. Their "We Transform the Ordinary" tagline accurately represents their commitment to transforming creative ideas into practical experiences. The events and advertising company used its talents to bring these animation figures to life, generating eye-catching mascots in the case of Aram and Atong.

Live Viewing Across the Provinces

The NRCP has been bringing Aram and Atong on a provincial tour since their successful transition into real-life mascots. Aram and Atong are the headliners of live-watching events in different provinces each month, where students and educators can interact with these adored scientific ambassadors. The live viewing events provide students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from Aram and Atong in a dynamic and exciting setting. Post Ad Ventures, Inc., in line with the vision of NRCP, has created adorable mascots and considerable educational impact. These animated characters and their associated videos have increased youth awareness and appreciation for science, contributing to a more scientifically informed and interested population.

The metamorphosis of Aram and Atong from animated characters to real-life mascots represents a significant step forward in the Philippines' efforts to promote science education and communication. These lovable mascots have become ambassadors of scientific knowledge, captivating the hearts and minds of kids around the country.





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