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Unveiling PHirst Editions: Your Journey to Adventure

In pursuit of its continuous dedication to providing exceptional homes for all market segments, PHirst Park Homes proudly launches a new chapter in its journey – PHirst Editions. The first of many PHirst Editions developments is in Batulao, Batangas, called PHirst Editions Batulao. Post Ad Ventures, Inc., an events and advertising company known for its talent in producing exceptional experiences, was chosen by PHirst Park Homes to bring the great idea of PHirst Editions to life. Post Ad Ventures, Inc. was the ideal choice to spearhead the unforgettable advertising campaign for PHirst Editions, with an exceptional track record of developing and organizing events.

In line with the vision of PHirst Park Homes, "PHirst Weekend Editions," as conceptualized by Post Adventures, Inc. as a pre-launch event, was a success. One of the weekend editions was called "PHirst Commune Edition," which was held on November 26, 2022, that served as the final event of this adventurous weekend series and featured a variety of events that drew in adventurers, families, and anybody else wishing to unwind within the natural beauties of nature.

Batulao Batangas PHirst Commune Editions

A Program for Relaxation and Adventure

Post Ad Ventures, Inc. ensured each participant had a weekend to remember by designing a comprehensive program flow that suited different interests.

"Animal Encounter with Jazz," which took place at the beginning of the event, allowed animal lovers to get up close and personal with various exciting animals. A dog park was set up, inviting four-legged companions to join the festivities, to heighten the excitement. The "Zumba Workout with Twiinzified," a fun and energizing fitness class that got everyone moving and grooving, concluded the voyage. In front of the stunning scenery of Mt. Batulao, participants could dance their way to fitness. The "Gentle Yoga with Bshala's Instructor Maribeth Villanueva" offered a revitalizing opportunity to connect with nature and inner serenity for those wanting a calm experience. Participants engaged in a soulful yoga session on Mt. Batulao, which left them feeling renewed and motivated. The event also included "Essential Oils 101 with Bing Guevarra," which educated attendees on the therapeutic advantages of essential oils and how they might improve their overall wellness journey in pursuing holistic well-being. Guests gathered for an exquisite "Acoustic Live Music with Coffee and Cream" performance that served as the "PHirst Commune Edition's grand finale," which included delicious coffee and cream. The peaceful setting went perfectly with the soulful music, leaving everyone in attendance with an unforgettable recollection.

PHirst Commune Editions

Post Ad Ventures, Inc. accomplished everything possible to ensure the "First Commune Edition'' was a huge success. Hikers, families, adventurers, and relaxation enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the peak of success at PHirst Editions Batulao. Post Ad Ventures, Inc. demonstrated its dedication to building unique experiences and advertising excellent places by planning a rich and varied event.

PHirst Commune Editions

Looking Ahead: The Future of PHirst Editions Batulao

The hope of a prosperous future for PHirst Editions Batulao emerged as the sun set on the "PHirst Commune Edition." Post Ad Ventures, Inc. is honored to have been a key player in bringing this undiscovered gem to the world's attention. We eagerly look forward to the endless adventures and priceless memories that await individuals who visit this breathtaking location.

We appreciate everyone who came to the "PHirst Commune Edition" and helped make it a huge success. Together, let's keep discovering the beauties of nature, helping out our neighborhood, and embracing the spirit of adventure. Watch for more unique experiences from Post Ad Ventures, Inc.!

Join us as we set off on a journey of discovery and create lifelong memories. Are you prepared to transform the ordinary? Let's put it into action!





Since Post Ad Ventures Inc. started in 2002, it has been one of the leading marketing communications company in the country and has God to thank for. This is because Post Ad believes in following God’s word and principles in conducting business.

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